Sunday, April 8, 2012

PBA bans controversial horns

source: Reynaldo Belen | InterAKTV

Citing fan complaints, the PBA on Saturday announced that airhorns, vuvuzelas, and similar noisemakers will be banned from all the league’s games.

“Fans ang nagreklamo,” wrote PBA commissioner Chito Salud in a text message to InterAKTV, who said the league is making the move for “health reasons and general welfare and well-being of the paying public.”

Salud also said that the noisemakers has adverse effects on the playing conditions of the games, relating to distractions on player and game officials as well as communication difficulties encountered by players, coaches, and game officials.

Fans of Meralco started the trend with the use of vuvuzelas during games, a move that was protested by officials of the Bolts’ quarterfinal round opponents, B-MEG, before the PBA. Citing lack of action by the league, fans of the Llamados decided to bring airhorns to Game Two of the series last Wednesday.

The use of noisemakers has drawn universally negative reaction from fans, who complained that it affected their viewing experience on television.

Meralco team executive Ramon Segismundo, who represents the Bolts on the PBA Board of Governors, said that the ban would not affect the team’s supporters.

“Meralco’s fans are passionate about supporting their team and will come out in full force on Sunday against B-MEG. With or without cheering equipment, the supporters will cheer the team relentlessly. While we we will abide with PBA rules on vuvuzelas and air horns, I would like to call on all Bolts fans — the Orange Brigade — to demonstrate, more than ever, our fighting spirit,” he said.