Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pacquiao the 'enlightened and anointed one'

source: Granville Ampong |

HOT POTATO - Manny Pacquiao insists: "I will not stay long in boxing because 'He' (God) said: 'You have done enough. You have made yourself famous but this is harmful."

Let's extrapolate and break down the first clause of the last statement: "You have made yourself famous ..." I wonder if this contradicts God's statement in Jeremiah 1:18, stating,"Today I have made you like a fortified city, an iron pillar, and a bronze wall."

Notice Pacquiao's quote is one of "Pacquiao-centered": "YOU HAVE made YOURSELF famous..." And Scripture's quote is one of "God-centered": "I HAVE made you like a fortified city..." In other words, it's all about the issue of authorship.

Now, Pacquiao's claim sows seeds of disillusionment and disenchantment.

Is it really Pacquiao who made himself famous? Was it really the voice of "God", our Creator, Lord and Savior, in the name of Jesus Christ, in his dream?

Several psychics in Los Angeles, especially in the sections surrounding Palazzo where Pacquiao and his cohorts stay during each of his last phase of training for a boxing match, claim they have experienced similar event. In fact, two of them had told to this author long ago that God talks to them directly, even as they read their bibles and offer lighted candles and burning incense before these man-made statues, to which Pacquiao fixes his eyes upon. And they quote passages of Scriptures in the manner more sincere, more spontaneous and even more humbling than Pacquiao's bubbling spirit. Few would discount if Pacquiao had the same flash in his dream of the kind of metaphysical engagement. Many would not discount either if he had really such heavenly inspired encounter in his dream, not to blaspheme God's name.

Many have been sceptical about Pacquiao's revelation as his articulations and actuations get tested with the Scripture he claims to uphold.

Nevertheless, the same is said to be Pacquiao's recent revelation during an interview with DZMM, a radio station in the Philippines, in which he claims he was visited by "God" in a dream and asked him to retire from boxing. Nothing is new, really, as Pacquiao, 33, has been contemplating on retiring from boxing several times before, most especially now that his popularity is plummeting within the confines of the Filipino populace.

But, Pacquiao may have just espoused awakening issues which have historical antecedents, according to some of his associates. These same associates have become a bit apprehensive that Pacquiao may have gone overboard: popularizing the sweeping change of his private behavior relative to his newfound faith. In many respects, Pacquiao's story is lamentable. His star rose and shone but a few dazzling moments before plunging into pantheistic darkness prior to this late development.

Sure, no one should dwell on Pacquiao's aberrations with pleasure. But, on biblical perspective, they hold special lessons for our time.

To many, Pacquiao's just fairly a smiling and charming icon but not an incredibly intelligent creature, contrary to top-speed Luminati's expectations. Many have whispered about it in the deep circle of the US media. In the national political arena of the Philippines, he is in deep crisis. Although it somewhat has subsided after his confession of faith, questions about his sincerity and less than humble acts have flared repeatedly. Numerous efforts have been made by his camp to dampen the surrounding issues lately. But, each new attempt has only added more fuel to the fire.

One insider says: "It would be difficult to invent a new hearsay but we think he's a changed man."

"But, we do not know if his new character will prove to last; Michael Koncz, his dark angel, still gets on top of him."

No doubt, Pacquiao's overly broadcasted bible studies may have undercut his intent: hoping that such outward manifestation would translate into political votes. The same may have just agitated the awakening minds of the Filipinos who have now seen his antics, especially that he has become so obsessed of his desires for higher and loftier political goals in the country.

Pacquiao knows how ridiculous he has become being now too close of becoming "Saint Manny Pacquiao". The Catholic Church must be in the verge of committing the most grievous decision it ever conceives in the annals of its history.

If Pacquiao so indeed is intent on using God's word to advance his self-subscribed political agenda, then let him be anathema.

Pacquiao's association with the donkeys here in the US speaks of it all. His unofficial visit to White House to meet US President Barack Hussein Obama early last year and his endorsement of US Senator Harry Reid in the last senatorial elections both mark distinct view of his being lacking in surety of conservative principles. Think of this and make no mistake that as the US presidential election is fast approaching in the fall, Pacquiao would dampen his might and endorse a candidate from the Democratic Party which beliefs are not consistent with the biblical principles "he now regardly upholds", such as advocacies for gays and lesbians rights to marry same sex, rights to abortion (killing fetuses) and other non-liberating issues contrary and not foundational to his newfound faith. That's how gullible Pacquiao is with external powers.

Meanwhile, new entrants to his circle particularly develop new wave of fanaticism. He memorizes biblical texts and summons his sycophants in the media to make them public after days of rehearsing, even amidst of his lack of indepth understanding of the implications of the principles of interpretations. His articulations have become so predictable just as the scripts he reads in some seeming interplays of exclusive interviews in front of the cameras. For him, it's the only way to rectify his unrighteous acts in private and make them boldly righteous enough in public.

Though he has become the historic saving grace of the Arroyo administration, Pacquiao has now met so much scepticism about his self-serving political agenda, to the point of adulterating his spirituality.

And the hardest thing about Pacquiao being a headline celebrity is that he has become the 'brilliant product' of Top Rank Godfather Robert "Bob" Arum's ingenuity, even to the best of his one wish: To see the Filipino superstar become the president of the Philippines during his lifetime.

Arum, in recent years, must have anointed Pacquiao. Whether or not Arum braces his enabling foresight on him with an illuminating hit of blessing, Pacquiao is sure not to consult with a medium.

Pacquiao may have just made an incredible facelift at the downward slope of his personal crisis in what could have been a corrective measure of his unrighteousness, admitting his gambling activities but downplaying his womanizing tendencies, as reported.

But, unlike most of the illustrious icons in the Philippines such as former President Joseph Estrada, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and more, he is by far spearheading a revival of justification by bible studies, igniting vigorous controversy, in fact, if Pacquiao is indeed 'the enlightened', if not 'the anointed one', by faith.

Pacquiao says he plans to use his stature in boxing to preach God's word. But, he says he would make a major announcement on a religious note later this month. And one thing remains uncertain: Pacquiao did not give a date as to when God wants him to retire.

Pacquiao is all ready to nullify Luke 6:29, as stated, "If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic." This, conversely, Pacquiao won't give Timothy Bradley a chance to smack his other check once he gets hit first. Inside the ring of the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on June 9, Pacquia says: "I will do my work inside the ring."

One would wonder if Pacquiao would have that illuminating power on such ocassion being 'the anointed one', so they say.