Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mayweather, Jr's perfect record becomes imperfect without Pacquiao's price tag

source: Granville Ampong |

Felix Strunk of quotes Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s latest ranting, "I am an all-time great with or without Pacquiao." Such statement is nothing short of saying: "I already have dismissed Pacquiao, all to my glory, forever and forever."

But, Mayweather, Jr.'s statement is one of subjective right.

Even though Mayweather, Jr. has the clear upperhand over Pacquiao in matters of his chance to win and the betterhold of the American market, Pacquiao still has the knack to make their fight, if it happens, more thrilling and more heart-breaking and, nonetheless, the crack of a chance to beat Mayweather, Jr., regardless of the percentage of probability. Rather, it's best to say Mayweather's perfect record would just become less than perfect without Pacquiao's price tag.

Strunk may have put it right, pointing out CompuBox's record unarguably stating Mayweather, Jr. as "the most accurate puncher and the least hittable fighter" bearing 42 undefeated professional fights.

But, Pacquiao may just be the right fighter who can stamp out that zero off his record even if Pacquiao has only a slim chance and even if fighting odds favor to his style and advances, of which, conversely, this prospect is less favorable to this writer's believing.

Popular demand dictates these two great fighters must face off in the ring of madness. And no doubt, both fighters are indispensable to each other's glory.