Monday, March 26, 2012

Kirkland’s DQ win- a really bad call or justice served?

source: Igor Frank |

“Didyou ever see Pulp Fiction?" inquired Dave the Barber as soon as I walked into his fine establishment on San Fernando Road on a gloomy Sunday morning.

“Arewe going to talk about movies?" I replied with my own question:" or do you want to know what it feels like to kill aman in the ring with your bare hands?"

" That's an interesting subject, but not for today," countered Dave the Barber:" For years now, I've been wondering what was in that briefcase just like I will be wondering for years to come what would happen if they didn't stop Kirkland Molina fight. Mandingo warrior! That boy from Texas fits the bill. You know about Mandingo warriors? It was a small tribe of regal warriors in Africa. It took French occupants with all their technology at the end of 19th Century three wars to defeat Mandingo tribe. They were fighting for Ivory Coast. That's a place worth fighting for."

" To me he looked like Mandingo the slave from that seventies movie," cried out Downtown Ronnie Brown:" I don't know if you remember that one. The irony is that Ken Norton played Mandingo the slave who was trained to fight other slaves. The problem wasthat Mandingo left his fighting spirit in a bedroom withhis master’swhite wife. There is no mystery about this fight. Carlos Molina manhandled Kirkland every round. I don't care if they had to go fifteen rounds. Skillspay the bills. ThatDQ was a very, very bad call. If you watch the fight, the ref pushes Molina corner man out of the ring while he is counting, in other words he prevents the foul from happening, right? So we got no harm,no foul. But thenhe finishes the count and disqualifies that man. Thatwas wrong. Eventhat knock down in the tenth was marginal. Kirkland did land a right hand, but what put Molina down was a push. DQ, the ref should have disqualifiedhimself for incompetence."

“Inmy humble opinion, justice was served," shouted Al the Barber:"If you call grabbing and holding manhandling than Molina did manhandled Kirkland. CarlosMolinashould have been disqualified long before for grabbing and holding and wrestling. My beautiful wife Maria was rubbing my shoulders during this fight and shelooked at me and said since when did you start watching WWE wrestling. Since when did it become legal to grab and hold your opponents hand in a lock? And that ref never even warned him. For once I with agree with you, Ronnie;the ref should have been disqualified for incompetence."

"I never thought I would live long enough to say that," said Big Steve:" But I saw James Kirkland in anugly, boring fight. The best thing about it was Anne Wolfe. She is a woman among men. Give her a coach of the year award right now. Talking about motivational coaches, forget Teddy Atlas and you are blowing it my son. Did you guys hear what Anne said to Kirkland in between rounds nine and ten? That was classic. She grabs his face with her both hands and goes:"Listen, put your hands on him and let them M----ers fly.Look at me. You are going to have to let them go son."Then she whispered in his ear: ‘Act like this F---er got your kid and is going to kill him", andthen" Mandingo balls to the wall." as Kirkland got up to battle in the tenth round. That was something. I would die for that woman. It worked too. Mandingo warrior was definitely turning thing around in the tenth. He hurt Molina earlier in that round. And I would also die to find out what would happen in rounds eleven and twelve if the ref didn’t stop it."