Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Juanma Lopez Might Retire Early Because of Suspension by the Commissioners

source: Shawn Craddick | Boxing Socialist

Juanma Lopez took another beating a couple weeks ago to Orlando Salido again. The hometown fans were hoping he could get his revenge in the rematch with Salido but once again failed to deliver. Orlando Salido just has Juanma Lopez's number. With the loss Lopez record now stands at 31-2, with 28 knockouts. What followed after the loss is what really shocked everyone in attendance and the people at home watching on TV. He accused the referee of calling the fight off due to gambling issues and there was alot of money at stake.

Now the Boxing Commission will suspend him while the allegations are going to be investigated. He will have to meet with the boxing officials this coming Monday. At this meeting they are going to give Lopez the opportunity to explain why he should not be sanctioned for accusing the referee Roberto Ramirez of betting on the fight. The commissioners are talking about suspending Lopez for a year. This did not sit well with Juanma. If that does happen, Lopez said "it could force him into early retirement".

With only two losses, it seems like Juanma Lopez has lost hope. More than likely Bob Arum will talk him out of it. Bob will probably tell Juanma to take a break and relax. Sometimes fighters need a break. Toprank can bring him back against a soft opponent to build him and his confidence back up. Time will tell. Until now we must wait and see what happens Monday. This will be the deciding point in Juanma Lopez's career.