Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Going 5 Minute Rounds, Sparring Cotto Clone

source: Shawn Craddick | Boxing Socialist

You have to be in pretty top shape to go 3 minute rounds. Then on top of that, just to go 12 full rounds would exhaust anybody. Not since the days of 15 round fights have fighters been in that kind of shape. It seems like Floyd Mayweather is trying to be an old school fighter. He's pushing his body to the limit and see just what he has left in his 35 yr old body.

On @IsheSugarShay twitter account, apprarently he heard that Floyd has stepped up to 5 minute rounds and is beating the crap out of the Miguel Cotto clone which is Omar Henry. Omar Henry is known for famously turning down Manny Pacquiao to be a sparring partner for him when Manny was gearing up to face Miguel Cotto himself. Omar was more focused on going to school and finishing college. Right now Omar is in a different type of classroom. It's called the SOHK, School of Hard Knocks. Once Mayweather is tuned up, he's hard to beat and even spar.

If what Ishe says is true, then Floyd Mayweather is peaking early. He still has 8 weeks to go until fight time. It's often said, boxing is 80% mental and 20% Work. Mentally Floyd has always been there. Matter of fact mind games is his favorite when taunting sparring partners. Mayweather is known for talking trash while sparring. It's also a concept he uses while face to face at pressers. Now we have to wait until 24/7 to see what's new, and what Floyd Mayweather is bringing to Entertain the Fans. Fans are wondering will Floyd Sr. will be in the new taping. You never know.