Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Typhoon from the Pacific to meet Desert Storm on June 9th in Las Vegas

source: Igor Frank | Examiner.com

Larry Merchant once called Manny Pacquiao a typhoon from the Pacific. He was right on the money in 2004 after Pacman dropped Marquez three times in the opening round of their first memorable battle. Last May in Las Vegas against Sugar Shane Mosley, Pacquiao did not look anything like a typhoon from anywhere despite winning convincingly. Right after the fight, I met undefeated light welterweight champion, Timothy” The Desert Storm” Bradley at the media room inside MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” said Bradley disappointed with what he saw in the ring between Mosley and Pacquiao:” And you know that. You put me in the ring with Pacquiao and I will fight.”

They say be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it. It looks like Timothy Bradley just won the biggest sweepstakes of his life. Ring Tv.com has reported yesterday that Pacquiao Bradley clash has been agreed in principle and stenciled in for June 9th at the Mecca of Boxing, MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. I brought the good news to Dave’s Barbershop on San Fernando Road.

“I just have two questions,” cried out Dave the Barber:” Who is Tim Bradley? And who is going to buy this fight? The only good reason I know about Bradley is because he is a local boy and you’ve been talking about him for years. But as you mentioned yourself, he has no knock out power to speak of and he is aggressive, so he will get hit by Manny. And in this case it will be like a shoot out at the OK Corral, the only thing one man will be shooting bullets and the other will be shooting blanks. I see about zero chance for the local boy to win.”

“Sometimes I don’t even know why I come here and keep listening to your old raggedy ass,” cried out Downtown, Ronnie Brown: “You should really consider sticking to your day job of cutting hair and shaving, cause understanding sweet science is obviously not your forte. Bradley is the most challenging opponent aside from Floyd that Pacman could get. He is younger. He is very strong and conditioned. He has the mentality of undefeated champion. His movement will give Pacquiao trouble and he might not have a knock out power, but he hits hard enough to keep his opponents honest. Bradley most likely is just as fast as Pacman, but he has better balance and is ready to fire at anytime. I suspect that they put Bradley in front of Pacman as a major test before Mayweather. If he stops the Desert Storm, they will go for Mayweather next if he doesn’t or looks bad or loses to Bradley then bye Floyd.”

“Hey Ronnie, you know so much about this,” smiled Al the Barber:” Forget Jim Lampley. You should be doing color commentary on HBO. The only problem you can’t stop kissing Floyd’s ass, no matter what we talk about. Forget Mayweather. He ain’t fighting Manny Pacquiao, case closed. Your other case about Bradley, has a lot of holes, counselor. Bradley is not faster than Pacquiao and his punches will not keep Pacman off him. Manny has problems with counter punchers and defensive fighters. Tim will attack and get knocked out just because of that.”

“Even though you can’t compare him with Floyd, Bradley is a very worthy opponent,” cut in Big Steve:” The man has skills. He moves inside the ring as if he owns it and he is going to rough up Manny on the inside. Add to this an unintentional head butt that will draw blood on Pacquiao early and we will get one hell of a fight on our hands. One thing for sure I will buy it or at least I will watch it at your place, Dave!”