Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pacquiao's privacy under serious scrutiny

source: Granville Ampong | Examiner.com

Philippines' GMA sports newscaster Manolo Chino Trinidad puts it right: "Before Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin , there was Manny Pacquiao who, without fail, prayed before and after each fight..." Nothing is really new to his classic act in the ring of madness. At least, that's what Pacquiao has enthralled the worldwide television audience each time he kneels in the corner and lights up the flame of prayer in his heart to open and, consequently, to close his every ring performance.

Like us, he surely is not alone. His life is an open book to the entire universe with all the heavenly intelligences investigating his affairs and doing their respective ministerial tasks and manifesting guidance in unbelievable ways.

What the human agents and other investigative journalists would do as they delve into Pacquiao's unwarranted entries affecting his moral standing would be nothing compared to the transparency that these celestial agents have been privileged, even before the foundation of this human world.

What's most comforting is Pacquiao's public witnessing as he studies with his family and friends the Scripture. And the effect is being felt, indeed. What Helena Buscema, voice tutor of Pacquiao and charismatic congregational song and praise leader at the Christ the King Catholic Church here in Hollywood, shared to this writer is something one of awakening.

"His face lights up when I mentioned to him about a specific passage of the Scripture," says Buscema during the Pacquiao-Bradley Press Conference in the famous celestial-themed Crystal Ballroom of Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills last February 21.

"It's like he has so much peace in his heart. Really, I am seeing a different Pacquiao."

Buscema, out of her utmost regard and jubilance, brought a devotional bible. She said she will give it to Pacquiao.

While it is true that using God's name to justify an outward appeal to one's own family, in particular, and to the larger public, in general, to regain trust out of optimism amidst of the numerous controversies and to rectify his populairty which is deemed as plummeting, it might just be too premature to discredit his manifested change at this time.

But, one thing, though, Pacquiao is transforming - as in conversion as to metamorphosis. And perfecting his ways is the business of the Holy Spirit. Conversely, he is just as perfect at this stage of his engagement with Jesus Christ, his Creator, Lord and Saviour.

With his moment by moment relationship with the Most High as he has told, no one should be surprised if Pacquiao goes to the forefront and publicly admits what he so publicly denies. It's all between Pacquiao and his God, if indeed He is his God, who knows the deepest recesses of his mind. Tellingly, true repentance only comes after true confession. Though they both are gifts, they are inseparable.

Whether or not Pacquiao is truly intent on submitting to this sanctifying process, his case only rests seriously with an investigative judgment before the entire universe.

Could this be Pacquiao's “inconvenient truth” for feeling of being watched all the time?

Even then, there's only one boxer who has truly inspired the Filipinos, inclusive of the less cared, the disenchanted and the disillusioned, if so indeed they, collectively, are not decieved.

And Pacquiao couldn't just be scrutinized as much as he believes. Above all else, a higher authority exists.

Pacquiao knows.