Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley: Undercard Bout Between Mike Jones And Randall Bailey Likely

source: Waldo Rastel | Bad Left Hook

There is always demand to be on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao PPV. However, the amount of PPV purchases has been shown to be largely independent of the quality of the undercard fights, which has led to some fairly poor undercards. This fight between Mike Jones and Randall Bailey is actually a decent fight, which simply doesn't have the star quality to attract interest from either HBO or Showtime. This fight will likely take place on the Pacquiao vs Bradley PPV undercard on June 9th according to Rick Reeno. The fight will be for the IBF title, which was vacated by Andre Berto. Berto wanted to fight Bailey for the title but there was no interest from the big networks, so Berto then went on to pursue a rematch with Victor Ortiz.

I actually like this matchup for each of these fighters. Randall Bailey is a step slower but he still has big power in his right hand. The problem is that he doesn't offer much else. The only thing his opponents have to do is avoid his dangerous and explosive right hand. Fight a smart fight and you win. Mike Jones is a fighter who is best known for his two fights against Jesus Soto Karass. The first fight on the Pacquiao-Margarito undercard was a close fight scored 96-94 for Soto-Karass here at BLH, but officially went as a majority decision for Jones. Jones won the rematch quite easily but he didn't look fantastic in the victory.

Jones will be the favorite in the fight but Bailey can provide a bit of a hurdle. Bailey is dangerous and Jones has shown the ability to fight like an idiot, so an upset is possible. At the end of the day, Jones's speed should be the difference, allowing him to stay away from Bailey's right. Do you guys like this fight and do you think that this is a decent undercard matchup?