Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pacquaio that fought Marquez better not show up against Bradley

source: Kevin Davis | Boxing Socialist

The times have been great for Manny Pacquiao, beautiful wife, kids, a congressman, and world boxing champion. With a cpuntry backing his every move what more is there for Pacquiao to do. Ebter Timothy Bradley an undefeated young World Champion who is hungry, not just for the money, but for the spot of P4P.

Last November, we saw what happened when Pacquiao fought a pure boxer for the first time in over five years. He was outclassed at every turn. Marquez owned him in the majority of the rounds only to have the judges take a victory away from him because of politics. If Pacquiao take Bradley for granted he could be in for a rougher evening than he expected.

Could this be the end for Pacquiao mania? I don't know for sure but Pacquiao must find something inside of him that still wants to win. Motivation is key in fights like these. Plus Pacquiao seemed to be a little bored that the Mayweather fight couldn't be made or the Cotto one. Bradley name doesn't make Pacquiao want to get off the couch but he better understand that Bradley wont be coming to lay down.