Friday, February 3, 2012

Mayweather vs Cotto: Bob Arum Holds No Grudge With Cotto

source: Scott Christ | Bad Left Hook

For those wondering how Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is feeling about Miguel Cotto working without him for a May 5 fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, Robert Morales has the answer:

"Miguel lived up to every contractual provision that we had and we lived up to every contractual provision and the contract expired. There is no animosity. We're very fond of him. ... It's not big of me to say that. If the guy had violated a contract, I wouldn't be sounding like this. But he didn't."

When Cotto (37-2, 30 KO) became a free agent following his win over Antonio Margarito in December, he chose not to re-sign with Top Rank, but indicated his feelings of loyalty to the company that has promoted him since he turned pro in 2001.

Cotto, now 31 and not appearing to be the sort who plans to hang on forever, is working without Arum simply because working with Mayweather necessitates that. And it appears that Arum understands that, and after May 5, would probably welcome Cotto back any time on any promotion. If Manny Pacquiao had been willing to fight over 147 pounds, we'd probably be talking about Pacquiao vs Cotto II in June right now instead of the Mayweather fight.

But Manny held his ground, and so did Miguel Cotto. It's an interesting case, this whole thing -- there seems to be no animosity anywhere. I'm sure it stings Arum that Cotto left the fold and will fight without him, but I mean that not in the sense that it angers Arum. I'm sure one of the guys rooting hardest for Miguel Cotto on May 5 will be Bob Arum.

As for Manny Pacquiao, negotiations this weekend are expected to lead to an announcement that Pacquiao will face Timothy Bradley.