Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mayweather and Cotto is not enough, add Sugar and Cinnamon

source: Igor Frank |

Dave's Barbershop was illuminated with Sunday morning sun light. ESPN radio was reporting NBA scores from yesterday. Clippers won, Lakers were still recovering from Friday's loss to Knicks. Downtown Ronnie Brown was singing the blues.

I am a prizefighter baby

I am in the sport that's unforgiving

I am just like any street ho

I use my body to make a living

" I guess, Puerto Rican coffee with Mayweather is not strong enough," fired Dave the Barber upon my arrival:" They had to add spices; sugar and cinnamon. Now I know Canelo is still a young champion, but may be next time they could go to a retirement home to find him an opponent. I am just disgusted. I used to admire Sugar for a strong fighting spirit in his younger days, but that man is sold out for a mighty dollar. They should call him Sugar Shame Mosley. He didn't want to fight Floyd two years ago . He didn't want to fight Manny last year. Now, all of a suden, he says he is not done yet. Another one corrupted by a big buck."

" But he is not even going to make any money.Floyd will keep it all," cried out Downtown Ronnie Brown:" I am squarely puzzled by this development. I guess the boxing ring is just like heroin; at first it's the best feeling in the world... But then one day it's over, the thrill is gone. From that day on, you know it could only do you harm but still it pulls you like a hook reels in fish, every single time."

" Are you talking about boxing or your junkie cousin Pete who is doing twenty five to life at Pelican Bay for shooting it out with cops in a drug bust?" inquired Big Steve

" I am talking about Shane," replied Ronnie Brown:" He is a ring addict who is bound to get hurt . His pretty girlfriend, what's her name? That girl with a behind to derail an express train, she should tell him to stop before he gets hurt and make them some babies. Floyd busted him up two years ago. Manny, ever the humanitarian, gave him a break, but that young Mexican boy with orange hair; he needs to make a name for himself, plus, I bet he still remembers how Shane's cousin Larry made a fool out of him a few years back at Morongo Casino. I was there. Mark my words, Canelo will put big hurt on Shane."

“Are you finished?” inquired Al the Barber: “Well, allow me to disagree. They said Shane was done in 2009 when he was about to fight Margarito. You all remember what happened, Sugar crushed that Mexican boy; he just destroyed him. They said it was a huge upset. No it wasn’t. Shane grew up right here in Southern California; he just knows how to fight Mexicans because he has been doing it all his life. It’s like riding a bicycle; once you know how to do it you will never forget it. And last time I checked Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican fighter. Sugar will stop him.”

“It’s a good theory,” replied Ronnie Brown:” There is only one problem. Sugar can’t pull the trigger no more. Ten years ago this would have been a good break down, but then again, ten years ago Canelo would have been ten years old.”

“Here is another theory,” cut in Big Steve:” Shane Mosley is like fine wine getting better with age. He might be forty, but he stays in the gym all the time and he forgot more stuff about boxing than Canelo is just now learning. What keeps popping in my head is when over forty Hopkins was given no chance against young and unbeaten, Kelly Pavlik. The old fox gave him a real boxing lesson. I have a felling the same thing is about to happen with Shane and Canelo. The man does know how to fight Mexicans.”