Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mayweather Afraid Of Manny – Arum

source: Nick Giongco | The Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines — It’s beginning to get clear that, indeed, Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t want to have anything to do with Manny Pacquiao.

As Mayweather was drumbeating his May 5 fight with Miguel Cotto during the New York leg of their promotional tour, the American fighter went on the offensive again, insinuating that Pacquiao uses performance-enhancing drugs, silly and is scared to fight him.

Mayweather told the media at the Apollo Theater in Manhattan that there’s no chance that he will give in to a 50/50 sharing with just about anyone who will face him in the ring.

“You fight Floyd Mayweather, you don’t get 50/50. No one is getting 50/50 (against me),” said Mayweather.

Mayweather’s East Coast rant was heard and felt as far as the West Coast where Top Rank big boss Bob Arum was relaxing after another hard day’s work in his Las Vegas office.

Arum didn’t let Mayweather’s statements pass without spewing out his own venom.

“He just doesn’t want to fight Manny,” said the 80-year-old Hall of Fame promoter, adding that Mayweather, who he promoted for 11 years, was an “egotistical maniac.”

Arum is also in the thick of promoting Pacquiao’s June 9 bout with Tim Bradley and believes Mayweather’s reason for not agreeing to equal sharing is testament to his unwillingness to get in the ring with the Filipino star.

Pacquiao has even agreed to a major demand of Mayweather – Olympic-style blood and urine testing – but even that has prevented both camps from reaching an agreement.

During the height of the negotiations to stage the super fight last January, Pacquiao and Mayweather even talked on the phone.

Pacquiao said he told Mayweather that 50/50 is just right but Mayweather immediately thumbed it down, countering that he will instead offer him a flat fee of $40 million but won’t have no share in the pay-per-view sales.

That convinced Pacquiao that Mayweather is pricing himself out of the fight and is not sincere in making the dream fight become a reality.