Thursday, February 2, 2012

Koncz: Manny never ducked Mayweather


MANILA, Philippines – Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao never ducked a potential mega-fight against unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This, according to Pacquiao’s business adviser, Michael Koncz.

Koncz spoke with RingTV and Boxing Scene to refute Mayweather’s assertions that the mega-fight did not happen because Pacquiao was “ducking and dodging” him.

“Contrary to Floyd Mayweather’s comments, Manny never ducked this fight, and I’ve been working on this fight for a substantial amount of time directly with Floyd,” Koncz told RingTV.

Mayweather confirmed that he offered Pacquiao $40 million to fight him, saying that it will be the most money the Filipino boxer will ever make in his career.

“We’re talking about a $10-million fighter that I tried to give $40-million to,” Mayweather said of Pacquiao.

But Koncz also refuted this, saying that “Manny is substantially more than a $10-million fighter, and records will prove that.”

Koncz also clarified in a Boxing Scene interview that Team Pacquiao would have been willing to fight on May 5 – Mayweather’s contracted fight date – if all other terms were agreed upon.

Pacquiao had already agreed to Mayweather’s previous demands regarding blood and urine testing.

“We were okay with the blood testing every day, except on the day of the fight,” Koncz said

Revenue split issue

Koncz also spoke about the issue of the revenue split, which became the main reason for the collapse in this round of negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

“(Mayweather) said that he wanted to pay us $40 million, $40 million wired within two days. I put Manny on the phone with Floyd. Manny told him that he had no problem with a 50-50 revenue split...I informed (Mayweather) that Manny would not accept a buyout of $4 -million, because that was what it was,” Koncz said.

“When I asked Floyd about the pay-per-view/revenue overage, he said, ‘I’m paying you guys $40 million, accept that first and then perhaps we can talk about something on the overage at the end.”

55-45 offer

Koncz said that Pacquiao refused to accept the $40 million outright, but instead offered to split the revenue 45%-55%.

“With 55 going to the winner of the fight,” Koncz added.

“I told Floyd that if you’re the best fighter in the world, then no problem, you’re going to get the extra 10%. On a fight of this magnitude, that’s $200 million and that’s an additional $20 million to you. It wasn’t accepted,” he added.

“So now it’s up for the fans to decide, who is really ducking this fight,” Koncz said. “Who made the initial attempt to negotiate? Who sent somebody thousands of miles to speak to Floyd again?”

“Who is giving the reasonable offer for the fight, versus an unreasonable offer to buy us out for $40 million?”

Pacquiao is expected to announce his next opponent by next week. Unbeaten junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley is now believed to be the frontrunner as Cotto is out of the picture.