Sunday, February 5, 2012

How would you grade Donaire’s debut as a super bantamweight?

source: Igor Frank |

“What did you think about your boy Nonito?” inquired Dave the Barber addressing Big Steve as soon as we walked in his fine Barbershop on Sunday morning:” That boy is special; speed, power, the way he places his punches. I didn’t care much for showboating, but I think he just wanted to let every one involved know who the boss in the ring is. Still with that kind of skills and speed he should have finished that Puerto Rican boy, but he didn’t.”

“He hurt his left hand early in a fight,” exclaimed Big Steve:” But that was not the only reason the fight did not end with a knock out. Vasquez promised to mix it up, but he was very defensive. He did open up in the latter rounds, but was still very mindful of his opponent’s power and kept his hands up at all times. Still Nonito was in control of the action throughout and showed a variety of punches that was very impressive; lead left hook to the temple in the third that almost dropped Vasquez because he didn’t see it and then a left uppercut left hook combination that did drop him later on in the fight was a stunner. But what really amazed me was his defense and how he fought off the ropes from time to time and while avoiding getting hit for the most part; he was landing sharp hooks and uppercuts.”

“His face didn’t look like he avoided getting hit too much,” cried out Downtown Ronnie Brown:” Have you seen Mayweather’s face look like that after a fight, or his idol, Roy Jones Jr? If you ask me, he was loading up too much on his punches, either pissed off about verbal altercation with Vasquez or just trying to impress the crowd too much because of the last fight fiasco. The boy does have skills and if he boxed a little more and tried to score a knock out a little less he would have made this fight a lot easier and probably would have finished earlier anyways.”

“Nonito was not happy with his own performance and said that he would have to go back to a drawing board,” cut in Al the Barber:” But it wasn’t his performance that bothered me, it was performance of a ringside judge Ruben Garcia. Who the hell is this guy? Or better yet, how much money have they paid him for his score card? That was a real crime. How can folks take boxing seriously if Donaire can dominate the fight and get one of the judges score it 115-112 for his opponent? Some one should do something about it like put him in jail for bribery or suspend his license for incompetence for life. There is no place in boxing for a score like that. As far as Nonito; he impressed the hell out of me. I like to see him in the ring real soon, preferably against that Cuban gold medalist. What’s his name? Hell I can’t even pronounce it. You know who I am talking about. That would be one hell of a fight with two ring masters inside the squared circle. I would get out of my barbershop and go see it live. That would be a day.”