Friday, February 3, 2012

Cotto to Receive 65/35 Split and atleast $30 Million on the Upside

source: Shawn Craddick | Boxing Socialist

Miguel Cotto chose 65/35 split and atleast $30 Million total after the PPV and Gate totals will tally in. It will be the most Cotto has ever made in a fight. We know that Cotto received $6 Million guaranteed purse against Manny Pacquiao but we don't know what his upside was. It could not have been that much because Toprank and MP Promotions got a nice share of the PPV and Gate.

It was a no brainer WHY Cotto chose Mayweather. Number 1 he wants to be the first fighter to dethrone the P4P King. Number 2 he will be making his biggest purse to date. Number 3 he did not want to weight drain himself again to fight Pacquiao. In the "147lb" welterweight showdown, Cotto had to come in "under" the weight limit and drain himself down to 145lbs. Even though Pacquiao wanted him at 147lbs this time, Cotto will not risk his health again.

Floyd Mayweather took a "indirect" shot at Manny Pacquiao by stating he will move up to Miguel Cotto's "comfortable" weight class of 154lbs to make sure it's an even playing field. Floyd is no stranger at 154lbs when he beat Oscar De La Hoya on Cinco De Mayo 5 years ago in 2007. Floyd walked away with the split decision victory. Will Floyd Mayweather's skills pay the bills or will the stronger Miguel Cotto land that lucky shot that every fighter trys to land on the defensive fighter? Tune in to May 5, 2012 to find out will it live up to the Hype.