Monday, February 13, 2012


source: Ronnie Nathanielsz |

In what amounts to a further insult to the sport of boxing and the governing organizations, the President of the Argentine Boxing Commission, Osvaldo Bisbal claims "there is no one to punish" for the ugly post-fight riot that followed Johnriel Casimero's rousing 10th round TKO victory over former champion Luis Lazarte.

Bisbal made his comments in an interview with Argentine daily El Clarin.

Despite the ugly scenes shown on television and replayed on YouTube where thugs were seen attacking Casimero and the three others members of the team, Bisbal claimed that "everything was fine" at the venue and there will be no sanctions taken against Lazarte (who bit his opponent on numerous occasions and even threatened the referee) or for the Promoter Osvaldo Rivero.

When asked about possible sanctions by the IBF the head of the Argentine Boxing Commission in an arrogant response answered "we laugh at the sanctions of the International sanctioning bodies they have no type of authority to do so."

The major scandal considered by many as the most embarrassing moment in Argentine boxing, erupted after the KO victory by Casimero where hundreds of violent individuals assaulted the winner forcing him to seek refuge under the ring for about 10 minutes.

Referee Eddie Claudio and one of Casimero's managers had to be treated at a local hospital for injures sustained during this melee.

The scandalous behavior which was strongly condemned by the World Boxing Council saw scores of hooligans who are members of the Truckers Union to which :azarte belongs threw chairs into the ring and assaulted Casimero, promoter Sammy Gelo-ani and their team.

Even the decision was never announced since officials as well as members of the press had to seek refuge from the violent attacks.