Monday, December 12, 2011

Viloria closing-in for the 'kill' over Donaire, Jr

source: Granville Ampong |

After the all-too divisive victory of WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao over Juan Manuel Marquez last month, disgruntled Filipino boxing fans have found common ground in recent days when WBO Flyweight Champion Brian "Pinoy Punch" Viloria did just what he needed to be impressive over Giovani Segura of Mexico during his title defense last Sunday at the YƱares Sports Arena in Pasay City of Metro Manila. They all cheered the Pinoy Punch and are back to their feet again .

But, what could be seen for Viloria is the prospect of rivalry being set anew with Nonito"Filipino Flash" Donaire, Jr. whom he once dominated in the days of the Olympic Trials in 2000.

Viloria, who is bent to bypass the super flyweight up to bantamweight anytime to catch up with Donaire, Jr, finds his mark promising. His swift "Pinoy Punch"bings in new angles with sticky left uppercuts that gave fast charging Segura a lot of troubles. The same stroke might just be challenging for Donaire, Jr., who is obviously hesistant to move up to the featherweight, might just make their second encounter at the professional level probable, unless Donaire, Jr. continues to avoid him.

Dating back in the semi-finals of the 2000 US Olympic Trials, Viloria, who also bested Glenn Donaire, brother of Donaire, Jr., in the quarter-finals, can be another pain for the Filipino Flash who may have seen him as less appealing for his promotional outfit at this stage of his career. If it is just for the sake of boxing per see, Donaire, Jr. versus Viloria would be as good as any idea of a competitive fight. But, if it is for maximizing reach of audience of their fight, such bout would be less plausible. Filipinos should not be matched against each other for the world championship, if only each fighter insists on using the flag of the Philippines. Their true allegeance to the flag would surely diminish. The truism is that neither their respective mind nor their heart changes just for fighting in the days to come. Yes, these two Filipino-Americans, Donaire, Jr. and Viloria, are indeed wanting to be "nationalistic" in their athleticism with the flag they both want to wave in the air despite their initial allegiance to the American flag when they fought each other in the Olympic trials of 2000.

Meanwhile,Viloria should move up to the super bantamweight the soonest and challenge Jorge Arce of Mexico. Arce might just be a better alternative than just for a grudge bout with Donaire, Jr.

Donaire, Jr., the current holder of WBC and WBO Bantamweight titles, is scheduled to fight the challenger from Puerto Rico, Wilfredo Vazquez, on February 24, 2012 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.