Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pacquiao's biggest potential move: Submit to Mayweather, Jr's blood-testing

source: Granville Ampong |

Let us lay down relevant circumstantial values before we delve into the final point of random blood-testing. It's given: Pound-for-Pound King Floyd Mayweather, Jr. categorically has the upper-hand over WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao.

Immediately status-post fight of Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy, Pacquiao took a downward slope at + 220 versus towering climb by Mayweather, Jr. to -300, which meant betting $100 for Mayweather would only win $ 33.33 and betting $100 for Pacquiao would win $220.

And today, as of this writing, Pacquiao suffers with an all-time low at +350 versus Mayweather, Jr.'s inversely deepening high at -500.

If the fight were held today and a bet of $ 100 for Mayweather, Jr. and granting he wins, one would win only $ 20. And with the same proposition, a bet of $ 100 for Pacquiao and granting he wins, one would win $ 350.

All these are based on standard deviation and other constructive variable computation of probabilities.

And this betting perspective surely tells the boxing public who really deserves the higher share between these two competing top fighters.

It's expected Pacquiao would have to take less money in order to sign the contract.

Contrary to Pacquiao's army of writers' constant hammering of false impression, THAT'S NOT A BIG NEWS at all!

What's big news is if Pacquiao so declares that he is submitting to the Olympic-style random blood testing until fight night and one after the fight which Mayweather, Jr. consistently demands, to which Pacquiao refuses.

Pacquiao said last month he agrees to Olympic-style random blood-testing. But, in truth, he truly meant only to Olympic-style random blood-testing 14 days before the fight and one thereafter. He's simply playing poker cards with his army of writers and blind-folded fans.

In fact, no negotiation exists at this time between two camps. For now, it's all drama with Team Pacquiao and Pacquiao's cohorts.

Still, the ball is on Pacquiao's court. Mayweather, Jr.has come forward to boxing fans and aficionados shifting the burden of approval to Pacquiao's camp.

Pacquiao's only biggest, unprecedented move, if he will: Submit to Mayweather, Jr's blood-testing. Nothing more, nothing less!