Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather Almost a Done Deal, Amir Khan Backs Off Comments: Fan Take

source: Jeff Musall | Yahoo! Sports

Manny Pacquiao said November 30 that there are just a few "little things" to work out before the ink is put to paper for a fight between the WBO welterweight champion and Floyd Mayweather Jr. May 5 of next year.

"We are ready," Pacquiao said. "If it pushes through, once he signs the contract then I'll sign the contract. Only the little things are being worked out and negotiations are almost done."

The controversial majority decision win by Pacquiao over Juan Manuel Marquez looked like it could possibly derail Pacquaio vs. Mayweather. Fans and more than a few analysts wanted to see a rematch right away. Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, didn't shy away from the possibility and even seemed to be promoting it. With all of that still in the air, I'd be surprised if it didn't happen. About all I think could derail it is if Marquez decides to retire.

Whatever happens between Pacquiao and Marquez, it looks like it will have to wait until after Mayweather vs. Pacquiao next spring. That contest will likely be the most promoted fight of the year, with all of the trappings and hype that will go with it. Any Marquez vs. Pacquaio rematch is moving to the back burner.

The final factor holding up signing of the contracts looks to be the same problem that held up talks before. The Mayweather camp is demanding drug testing that Pacquiao feels is too close to the fight. The question of giving blood just days before the fight might affect performance in the ring, or at least that was the concern. If it's been resolved and Pacman has decided to live with the demands, it looks like the fight will go on.

Amir Khan backs off Pacquiao remarks

After some rather bold talk about his former sparring partner in regard to the majority decision over Marquez, Amir Khan has backed off of Pacquaio. Khan had said that he thought Marquez won the fight, and he also suggested Pacman would lose to Mayweather.

"Look, he has so much on his plate, on on the strength of this performance, he wouldn't beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.," Khan said after the Marquez fight. "For his sake, we have to be honest."

Now, Khan is trying to act like he didn't say anything to disparage Pacman. What remains to be seen is if the words will fall on deaf ears. Khan took some swipes when he thought Pacquiao was vulnerable, and now seems keen on burying what he said.

Jeff Musall is a longtime boxing fan and former amateur competitor. He became a fan when he watched the "Thrilla in Manila" as a kid.