Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nothing is wrong with his eye' -- Trainer Garcia on Margarito

source: Dennis 'dSource' Guillermo |

The biggest concern boxing fans have regarding this weekend's highly-anticipated grudge match between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito in New York, is the true condition of Margarito's right eye.

Margarito suffered a fractured orbital bone in his right eye in his gallant, yet futile attempt to defeat Manny Pacquiao last year in Dallas.

Margarito was plucked out of training camp by the New York State Athletic Commission to undergo further eye exams by a commission approved doctor in New York a litte over a week ago.

Thanks to the recommendation of Dr. Michael Goldstein in a hearing last November 22, Margarito finally got his boxing license and clearance to fight in New York.

But if it were his trainer Robert Garcia you asked, he has no doubts about the fight pushing through. "We knew it was gonna' be here. We knew it was gonna' be here. We had everything ready. Nothing is wrong with his eye. We just had to do it because that's what they asked for. We weren't hiding anything," Garcia told's Crystina Poncher.

Garcia also guaranteed that the trips to New York and added distractions, didn't harm their training camp. "He's in great shape. He's had no weight problems. He's been training for a couple of months already, so one day, whatever we had to do Monday, we did Tuesday. It was no big deal."

Margarito himself guaranteed that he wouldn't even consider lacing his gloves up one more time, if his eye is indeed in jeopardy.

"If my eye wasn’t 100 percent, I wouldn’t come back [to fight],” Margarito was quoted by the New York Post. “I was already planning on retiring. Fortunately, I saw a great doctor who told me I didn’t have to retire. That’s why I’m still here. But if I was told I couldn’t continue my career because of my eye I wouldn’t,” he added.

If Margarito is indeed 100%, Saturday's fight should prove to be as entertaining and brutal as the first clash between these two warriors.

Cotto has worked to up his conditioning to ready himself for the potential punishment he'll be receiving, while Margarito knows nothing better than to be his usual pressure fighting self.

Filipino Boxing Fans' Take on Cotto vs. Margarito:

Michael Cabildo - "Cotto wins... But barely. He got that anger to fuel him."

Chet Adriano - "Cotto has alot to prove to Margarito, and you're absolutely right D-Source, they're not the same fighter since they fought Manny!! But I'll stick with Cotto!! Classy fighter & a classy guy!!"

Kayla Lewis - "Cotto hasn't been right since the first margarito fight really but he has bounced back to somewhat of a degree that he can still be a formidable opponent more so than Margarito. the beating that Margarito took from pacquiao has to be one of the worst beatings of all time that didnt come with a knockout and all due credit can be given to one of the worst referees ever in Laurence Cole and Robert Garcia feeling like Margarito 'deserved to get his ass beat on his feet' SMH."

Matthew del Rosario - "I'm gonna go against the flow here. plaster or not, bad eyes or not, I think Margarito will be Margarito as it's always been, and that's pressure, pressure, pressure, and eventually that pressure will get to Cotto and take him out of his game plan, and perhaps stop him again in the later rounds like the first time out...."