Friday, November 25, 2011

Ariza needs to stick to his day job and get better at it

source: Dennis 'dSource' Guillermo |

For a strength and conditioning coach, Alex Ariza sure knows how to hug the limelight and overextend his role and worth.

From forcing Amir Khan to sign a contract just moments before a fight back when he fought Marcos Maidana, to allegedly getting the ire of Manny Pacquiao a couple of days prior to facing Juan Manuel Marquez, which led to Pacquiao throwing out a cel phone and breaking a glass window, Ariza sure knows how to create unnecessary conflict around boxers he works with.

“Manny and I sometimes are like married couples. We argue. That’s all it was,” Ariza explained to's Ronnie Nathanielsz afterwards.

Like a married couple? Really? How about Khan? Was he trying to ask him to sign a pre-nup?

Prior to facing Marquez, Ariza went all out in the media blasting his opposing strength-and-conditioning coach Angel "Memo" Hernandez, belittling his capabilities, together with his employer. In Ariza's own infamous and blasphemous words heard around HBO's 24/7 show, he "still don't think... if GOD himself came in there and helped out Marquez, that he's gonna beat out Manny."

But figures of speech and hyperboles aside, for the third straight time, Pacquiao has complained about cramping up in the middle of a fight.

Lately, Ariza took it upon himself to try and take on another new role in Pacquiao's camp as his promoter and spokesperson. Ariza blasted Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum in a phone conversation with one of Mayweather's favorite bloggers, FightHype's Ben Thompson, calling him a "greedy pig" and blaming him for Pacquiao-Mayweather not happening.

The timing of Ariza's latest outburst further makes Pacquiao's camp look bad. Already filled with a ton of "cling-ons" with no real jobs other than to go on internet forums and promote "Pactardation" and stroke his ego the way Mayweather has his "yes men" and bodyguards, it further sheds light on the discord and chaos going on behind the scenes.

Remember when self-glorifying writers pimped that Pacquiao had fired, re-assigned (or whatever spin then did on that story) his advisor Michael Koncz, only for Pacquiao himself to deny them? It was much ado about nothing.

The tactics of those who wanted to get rid of Koncz backfired and created unnecessary havoc within Pacquiao's camp, instead of going about things in a more professional manner. Now, Pacquiao has a lawsuit from an accounting firm that was supposed to be the entity that was going help him. Imagine how many people are whispering things inside Pacquiao's ear, all of which claim to have "benevolent intentions". If these people really had Pacquiao first in their intentions, they wouldn't contribute to this circus and mockery of what Pacquiao's legacy used to, and can still be.

Looks like Ariza has yet to learn anything, and has now a bigger target in his radar. As much as I am not a big fan of Koncz and Arum, you have to give credit where it's due. At the end of the day, Arum got Pacquiao paid and helped turn him into the global sports figure that he is today.

Ariza, on the other hand, can't even address Pacquiao's cramps properly.

And you want Pacquiao to fight Mayweather next? Why? I wonder. Is it really about Manny or money?

If Pacquiao was handicapped and barely beat Marquez, and couldn't get to the old man Mosley, what do you think Mayweather will do to him? Perhaps there's a reason why Ariza got fired by Erik Morales and Diego Corrales, prior to getting lucky with Pacquiao. Honestly, after seeing Pacquiao against Marquez, I don't think this is the best time for Pacquiao to pick a fight against Mayweather. They need to right that ship first.

Now Ariza walks and talks like he is the main reason why Pacquiao has gotten to where he is in his career. With a lot of Pacquiao's loyal and blind fan base hanging to his every word, together with the internet trolls on the "official" Pacquiao web site, Ariza has been feeling the fame get to his head a bit, dishing out a lot of bullets toward various targets, for a man who's main responsibility is to make sure his fighter is in the best physical shape during fight night (yup, that entails a fighter not cramping up).

Some people simply need to stick, and get better at their day jobs. And on my part, and in Pacquiao's own words: "Nothing personal, I'm just doing my job." And if you ask me, after all the words he ate when Marquez looked great against Pacquiao through the help of his strength and conditioning coach Hernandez, I'd focus more on my job and not Pacquiao's money. Isn't that what you get paid to do?