Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pinoy Pride 8 results: Milan Melindo whips a methodical mayhem, Pagara outboxed

source: Kenneth Ragpala | Filipino Boxing Journal

Cebu City, Philippines – Recently crowned WBO Interncontinental flyweight champion Milan “Method Man” Melindo (25-0, 9 KOs) almost did good on his promise to knock Francisco “Chiquita” Rosas (22-9-2, 13 KOs) out. But the game Mexican proved to be a tough foe who took Melindo’s best punches. However, a stoppage was declared before the beginning of the 11th round when Rosas, who suffered a broken nose during the third inning, was deemed unfit to fight by referee Bruce McTavish.

Melindo was every inch his nickname, peppering Rosas with hard shots, clean hooks and uppercuts while utilizing his superior rings skills. The Method Man was methodical with his attacks, almost landing at will even. But despite his precision and the high punch output, Milan failed to register a knockdown as Rosas simply took whatever Melindo dished out. The Mexican held his own as well, nailing the Filipino with solid hooks and straights and even engaged Melindo in several punch exchanges in the earlier rounds, though his retaliation rate constantly waned as the fight progressed.

ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer said that Rosas’ weight advantage prevented him from going to the canvas. The Mexican came in at 117 pounds during the initial way in, way over the 112 flyweight limit. Hours after a trip to the sauna, Rosas came back with and registered at 113.5 pounds. Because of the weight advantage, Rosas was forced to use heavier, 10-oz gloves instead of the standard ones (8-oz).

“If Rosas came in at the exact weight, Milan would have knocked him out,” Aldeguer told the ringside press after the match. “The ploy reminds me of the Donaire-Concepcion match, where the Panamanian (Rafael Concepcion) weighed way above the limit and Donaire (Nonito Jr.) failed to knock him out.”

“We will work hard to get Milan a title shot for his next fight, but it’s hard if you are not the mandatory challenger.

“Milan’s reputation as a force in his division is growing and that will also make it difficult for us to secure a title bout, but we will try to get one. Probably if that fight won’t materialize, Milan will figure in a title eliminator instead.”

Back to the drawing board

Philippines’ Jason Pagara (27-2, 16 KOs) suffered a huge setback as Rosbel “Little Wolf” Montoya (35-4-1, 29 KOs) derailed the Filipino’s 15-fight wining streak. The Mexican power puncher proved to be a very hard obstacle for the young Filipino as Montoya’s power and accurate shots significantly downplayed any advantages held by Pagara.

Montoya’s body defense was impressive, blocking most of Pagara’s body blows. The Mexican’s jab was very effective as well, occasionally snapping Pagara’s head back and stopping the Filipino in his tracks. Montoya displayed composure and a high maturity level, letting Pagara come in and bang away only to nail the Filipino with solid counterpunches, uppercuts and hooks.

The Mexican’s timidity belied his ring superiority over the Filipino. Overall, Pagara was visibly the more aggressive and busier fighter. However, Montoya landed the more cleaner, effective, and harder shots. Montoya received all the judges’ nods, earning him the well-deserved unanimous decision victory.

“Pagara needs to take a step back and learn from the loss,” Aldeguer said. “This fight was a big test for him to see if he is ready for the big fights. Obviously, he needs to develop still.”

“I take nothing away from Montoya. People arranging the fight really asked us ‘are you sure your boy wants to fight Montoya?’ and obviously, they have their reasons.”

The Beginning of Genesis

Genesis “Azucal” Servania (15-0, 5 KOs) youth and hunger prevailed over the veteran Gerson Guerrero (34-9, 26 KOs), who never took the initiative and was always on the defensive. Servania’s pressure fighting was very effective, often getting the Mexican against the ropes and in the corner.

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