Friday, September 23, 2011

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Back to Battling for Pound-for-Pound Status

source: Scott Christ | Bad Left Hook

Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr is back in the ring as an active fighter, the debate is once again on: Who's the best fighter in the sport, pound-for-pound?

The most recent Yahoo! Sports voting -- now with yours truly having a ballot, an invitation I was flattered to receive from Kevin Iole -- has Pacquiao edging by Mayweather, 413 points to 390. Pacquiao received 26 of 43 first-place votes, and Mayweather received the other 17.

Some voters have Mayweather below the No. 2 spot, though, while Manny fell no lower than No. 2 on any of the ballots. I personally can't see having anyone but these two in the 1-2 spots, but that's just my opinion.

Who do you have as No. 1? Was Floyd impressive enough upon return against Victor Ortiz to shoot back into that top spot, or do you keep Manny there? Did you have Mayweather as the top dog before his inactive spell, and if so, do you simply return him to his spot as he hasn't been dethroned yet?